Vishnupati in 2014

Vishnu and Vishnupati

In Hinduism, Vishnu is the God who preserves and governs all creations in this Universe. He is the one responsible for creating all matters and therefore He is the connection between the spirit and matter. Because He governs material prosperity on earth, He is worshipped as the God of Wealth.He is the consort of Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth.Rama, Hari and Krishna are reincarnations of His energy on earth.

Lord Vishnu

Vishnupati is the time to delight and rejoice the spirit of prosperity, perform Vishnu pooja and establish a stronger bond between your happiness and material abundance. It is the window of time when Vishnu energy becomes abundantly available on earth. Hindus celebrate this instance through elaborate practice of worshipping Vishnu and immersing themselves in His consciousness while connecting with the Archetypal Being.

It is the right time for a powerful Vishnu pooja, resonate with His essence and seek wealth, prosperity and abundance! Vishnupati occurs four times a year when the Sun enters into 'fixed' signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio and this divine time is known as "VishnupathiPunyaKaalam", the nine hour window of opportunity when a devotee can seek fast dissolution of mental impurities, fast spiritual evolution, and material prosperity.

Vishnupati in 2014

16th November is the last Vishnupati of 2014.(The rituals will be ideally done on November 17th, 2014)

17th of August is the day of auspicious Vishnupati. Each Vishnupati is unique for the energy it holds and this one is very auspicious because it is also the birthday of Lord Krishna. He is the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu himself.

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Being who recited the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ to tell you how to rise above base emotions and anxieties, and reawaken yourself with finer qualities of nature. He also relates about the primary cause behind all causes and what is the right path to adopt for happiness.

This Vishnupati, prayers to Vishnu will be very effective in negating malefic effects of Sakata Yoga created by Jupiter’s presence in the sign Cancer.

Planet Jupiter is the most benefic planet and invoking its energies can help you fulfill your dreams for increasing wealth and intellect.

Participate in Vishnupati Rituals

Benefits of Vishnu pooja

Worshipping ancestors and Lord Vishnu will fetch you the blessings for prosperity and well-being. Just as you can connect to Krishna on one Vishnupati, similarly you can connect to Jupiter in the next one. When two benefic energies come together they create a powerful tool that can help you succeed better in your goals and aspirations as never before.

Vishnu pooja with Exalted Moon and Jupiter


On 17th of August, the Moon will be in the star Krittika and the tithi will be Ashtami. In the later part of the day, the Moon also becomes exalted. This makes the day powerful with combination of benevolent energies. Is it not an opportunity that you can avail through your devotion?

It is said that when the Moon is exalted, it absorbs all other planetary energies and transforms them into Yoga – the influence of planetary energies can create good fortune. The day ofAshtami will amplify the power of your ritual.

16th of November, Vishnupati is on a Monday, a day ruled by the Moon in Leo, in the star Purvaphalguni. With the Moon in Leo, Jupiter will be in the 12th house (in Cancer). This is the malefic Sakata Yoga that is said to bring about economic setbacks or even sudden downfall. Rituals to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the world, on this day will help in overcoming all setbacks and restore fortune. It is the right time when God Vishnu will be our savior.

Offer Your Prayers to Lord Vishnu

Mantras dedicated to Vishnu

Chanting of mantras can provide you the necessary means to access the good and powerful energies of the day:

How Lord Vishnu Removed His Friend’s Poverty

One might wonder how Archetypal Being Vishnu can be easily convinced in order to get the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. There are interesting and meaningful mythologies about it. Sudhama was the class-mate and close friend of Krishna during Dwapara epoch while acquiring knowledge from sage Sandeepani. He was called Kuchela, the one who is dressed poorly.


After the days of education they parted. Later,Sudhama got married and the birth of children made him very poor. His wife Sukshamabegan to fall sick due to frequent starvation. To get over their state of life, Sukshama asked Sudhama (Kuchela) to meet the Lord and tell him about their poor condition. Sudhama went to meet his childhood friend with some beaten rice tied in a rag which was just four handfuls.

Lord Krishna (an avatar of Archetypal Being Vishnu) and His consort Rukmani with great happiness and love invited him to their palace and served him. On seeing Sudhama shy to offer the beaten rice, Krishna grabbed the rag and ate a handful of it and removed the poverty of Kuchela who became as rich as the demi-god Kubera. A person can win over the heart of Archetypal Being of Vishnu by just offering his favorite beaten rice mixed with jaggery on all Wednesdays with devotion and love that will easily change one’s life to a higher level.

It is commonly believed that Vishnu is very attached to His devotees and rescues them from earthly problems whenever they seek His help.

Make Use of Vishnu’s Abundantly Available Energy