Vishnupati – Access Lord Vishnu’s Grace

Vishnupati in 2013

If there is a time which is dearer to Archetypal Being Vishnu, it is the Vishnupati time. It is a very sacred time as it helps to diffuse our ego and helps us to attract the right people and right things into our life. Offering prayers during this time will help to bring incredible material blessings.

The Day of Vishnu Consciousness

Vishnupati Vishnupati is the day for total immersion into Vishnu Devotion. On this day, Archetypal Being Vishnu performed miraculous deeds for the benefit of the universe and His vast compassion is much more accessible than usual at this time.

Vishnupati 2013 provides a great chance for improvement by wiping out the bad karma. It also provides a solution to redeem yourself and to move ahead.

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Accomplishing Prosperity on Vishnupati

The word 'Vishnu' means 'enter into'; hence Archetypal Being Vishnu is the one who pervades the entire Universe. As per Vedic idea, Vishnu is the "The God of Wealth" or "Preserving God" among the Trinity, who symbolizes the energy of maintenance and sustenance.

Vishnupati is a highly favorable day for Lord Vishnu and devoting sincere prayers on this auspicious day grants you with everything that you need for happiness in this planet.

How Lord Vishnu Removed His Friend’s Poverty

One might wonder how Archetypal Being Vishnu who takes severe test of devotees can be easily convinced in order to get the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. There are interesting and meaningful mythologies about it. Sudhama, the class-mate and close friend of Archetypal Being Vishnu (during Dwapara epoch while acquiring knowledge from sage Sandeepani) was called Kuchela - he who is dressed badly and dirtily.

After his eduction they parted and later Sudhama got married and the birth of children made him very poor. His wife’s name was Sukshama and out of starvation she became lean and weak. To get over their state of life, Sukshama asked Sudhama (Kuchela) to meet the Lord and tell their poor condition. Sudhama went to meet his childhood friend with some beaten rice tied in a rag which was just four handfuls.

Lord Krishna (an avatar of Archetypal Being Vishnu) and his consort Rukmani with great happiness and love invited him to their palace and served him. On seeing Sudhama shy to offer the beaten rice, Krishna grabbed the rag and ate a handful of it and removed the poverty of Kuchela who became as rich as the demi-god Kubera.

A person can win over the heart of Archetypal Being Vishnu by just offering his favorite beaten rice mixed with jaggery on all Wednesdays with devotion and love that will easily change one’s life to a higher level.

Even Archetypal Being Vishnu was enhanced only after He married Goddess Lakshmi who was obtained while churning the cosmic ocean in his Kurma Incarnation. Here the myth, tells that how Goddess, who is the sole embodiment of beauty and virtue was won over by Vishnu in a battle with demons, who carried the goddess away. Archetypal Being Vishnu stationed all the Gods and body guards around him as He needed all help to protect the wealth and beauty (Goddess) from evil forces. To safe guard her, he married Lakshmi and gave a permanent place in His heart. Thus by just remembering Kuchela and Goddess Lakshmi, an individual’s fate can be changed for best as both are very dear to Archetypal Being Vishnu.

Thus by just remembering Kuchela and Devi Lakshmi, a person’s fate can be changed for best as both are very dear to Lord Vishnu.

Each Vishnupati is Unique

Vishnupati occurs 4 times a year when the Sun enters into a 'fixed' sign Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio and this divine time period is known as "Vishnupathi Punya Kaalam", the nine hour window of opportunity for fast dissolution of mental impurities, fast spiritual evolution, and for improved material gains.

The next 2 Vishnupati Dates in 2013 are August 17th, when Sun enters Leo and on November 16th, when Sun enters Scorpio. Interestingly, according to the Vedic time cycle, every Vishnupati has a unique celestial configuration which repeats after every 60 years. It lends itself for a specific benefit to be available and accessed by all who observe the event.

The Siddhas Know

The Siddhas know how important Vishnupati times are and have imparted that knowledge to us. The important celestial actions, events or miracles that occurred during these timings carry an important lesson in evolution of human consciousness. The potent energy that is related with this event is far reaching and has life changing aspects. You will be strengthened by Archetypal Being Vishnu's divine power directly during these days.

Strengthen Me With Lord Vishnu’s Power